A Basic Operations Firefighter Academy is scheduled for

May 7, 2013

An Application packet can be picked up and dropped off upon completion at

500 S York Road, Bensenville, IL 60106.

The cost of $3,600.00 for the Academy includes your rental of turnout gear, books, uniform, self contained breathing apparatus and cost of physical with the District’s designated physician.

Tuition also includes full sponsorship, Basic Fire Practicals, Hazmat Operations, Technical Rescue Awareness, Fire Service Vehicle Operator, Calling the Mayday, and Courage to be safe classes.

Upon completion of the Academy you will be eligible to take the IL Office of State Fire Marshal Basic Operations Firefighter Provisional, Hazardous Materials Operations and Technical Rescue Awareness exams and receive state certifications which are required by most fire departments for hire.  You as the student will be required to complete the NIMS Training courses on line performing individual study . After graduation you will be asked to complete a check off book, allowing you to demonstrate your skill level as a Provisional Firefighter. Upon completion of this book the Fire Chief will sign you off for state certifications.

There are also requirements which need to be met prior to the beginning of the Academy start date.  Upon receipt of your application by the deadline of April 15, 2013, an interview will be scheduled, your application will be reviewed and an appointment with the District’s designated physician will be scheduled.  You will receive notification of acceptance into the academy once you are deemed eligible.  Two letters of recommendation and a valid CPAT card are required with your application. Once in the Academy, you as a Volunteer member of the BFPD need to maintain a 75% grade average throughout the Academy or you will be dismissed from the Academy and the BFPD. A monthly ride along is required by the Fire Chief. Also as a Volunteer member of the BFPD you may be asked to be involved in various district projects which require mandatory attendance and completion  of these projects.


*No Refund Policy

* There are no refunds of class fees for a class cancelled by a candidate after May 7th . * After the refund deadline date, students who cancel a class, or students dropped from a class by the instructor, or student dropped from a class due to nonpayment, are NOT entitled to a refund of class fees.

* The only exception to this policy is when the department cancels the class.  In this instance, the fees charged for the cancelled class will be refunded.


Physical Requirements

Thank you!