Helping Hands

As President, I would like to welcome you to one of the fastest growing community service groups in Bensenville, The Helping Hands for Bensenville Fire Protection District which formed its organization in April of 2011 with a handful of eager volunteers has grown to over 30 members in a short five months. The Helping Hands was the brainstorm of Chief Mike Spain of the BFPD and is the first group of its kind. The HH will provide emergency assistance in the event of a fire to the community for the first 24-72 hours as well as providing fire education to the Village of Bensenville’s residents and business’. Through fundraising, donations and grants the Helping Hands mission is to provide the victims of a fire with moral support and assist them with their immediate financial needs to get them through the initial crucial time. The initial vision of the HH is for the firefighters to get the families away from the scene and to the fire station where a Helping Hands volunteer will be on call to meet them. Immediately upon their arrival housing, clothing and personal care items will be provided to the families. The first 24-72 hours the Helping Hands will walk the families through the how, what and where’s of what they will need to do. Prescription drugs, insurance, boards up and housing are just a few of the things that the HH will recommend options for. As a Helping Hands volunteer there are many facets of the organization that our members may involve themselves in. Membership drives, fundraising, marketing, emergency response are some of the functions our members can help with. If a member opts to be on the “Emergency Response Team” the Bensenville Fire Protection District will provide training to all volunteers who elect this on call position which will include certification in CPR. By removing the families from the scene of the fire Chief Spain feels that this will allow our firefighters to do what they do best, FIGHT THE FIRE in an expedient manner. Knowing the families are in “Helping Hands” the firefighters will be able to concentrate on the matter at hand. The Helpings Hands welcomes new members and hopes to see other communities follow in their footsteps! Sincerely, Denise Gallagher